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Personal Assistant for Development Teams

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Improve productivity with actionable insights

that help Your team Deliver faster

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Ready To Transform Your Dev Environment

With Development Intelligence?

Self-adaptive, No installation needed, Zero work on your side

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Here Is What ZIGI Is All About

 AI-driven, Data-Centric Platform That Gathers, Syncs & Manages Data

Across All Your Software Systems

Personalized Intelligence 

Actionable insights

that empower each team member.  

Process Intelligence  

Automate scrum master’s work and get a real-time view on your sprint’s progress. 

Product Intelligence

Understand the ROI of each section of your product  

One Tool That Makes It Easy For You To Shine

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Discover how personal assistant tools for development teams should look like

Personalized Daily Message

to Each Team Member

Autonomy to manage your day

  • Real-time risks detection

  • Aggregation of all todo

  • Auto-sync across systems

Managers Dashboard

Zero User Input 

  • 360 view of the team’s activity 

  • Real-time alerts on risks 

  • Daily message on team-related updates

Automatic Sprint Planning Validation
Say Goodbye to over Commitments!

  • Predictive sprint analysis

  • Real-time alerts on risks

  • Dynamic Gantt chart

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Developers Love ZIGI

Finally, I have time to actually manage my team and not just spend
my day updating status on all the different systems

Our daily stand up meetings were at least 30 minutes, now they are 10 minutes and much more productive

I'm focused, know exactly what

I need to do and no one micromanages me

Ready To Transform Your Dev Environment

With Development Intelligence?

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