Our manifesto
Reduce the noise.
Sick of losing time to non-coding tasks?
So are we.
We’re developers and we love coding, but we got frustrated with the massive amount of overhead that we were doing on top of coding. So we spoke to other developers (lots of other developers) and here’s what you said:
You can’t write code for more than a couple of minutes at a time without being interrupted
Your priorities are unclear and your timelines drift
You spend at least a third of your day in planning, grooming, and status meetings
You work with multiple systems and you’re constantly context-switching
Your deadlines aren’t clear and you’re always busy with unplanned work
And ALL OF YOU are frustrated with the amount of time you’re losing as a result.
Most of your lost time is hidden.
We set out on a mission to identify the reasons for lost time, and find ways to reduce them. We learned that current methodologies, which were designed in good faith to help developers increase productivity and streamline work processes, are now stifling you.

We also discovered that most of the time loss and waste is hidden.

It’s the small, mundane, non-coding tasks (like updating a task’s status or finding specific user credentials) are scattered throughout your day, and you don’t necessarily realize how much time you’re losing.
It’s trying to recall everything you worked on so you can give your manager a status report, or figuring out where a task is stuck.
It’s trying gathering multiple bug fixes from multiple sources and trying to make sure you’ve covered them all.

It’s ALL of these repetitive tasks that are eating up your time, focus, and creativity.
I tried to be innovative once, but I was stuck in meetings

Brian Solis
We’re starting with developers like you
Developers are where the innovation is happening. That’s why we’re putting you at the center of everything we do at Zigi - because we know exactly how important your work is, and we want to help you do it better.

Zigi is the first tool that recognizes that developers need more help running your workload and processes. That’s why we aim to keep things running smoothly, so that you can stay focused on the important stuff.
Zigi is creating time for creation
Organizations, methodologies, processes, priorities, technologies - all of these are changing and shifting at lightning speed.
Giving each developer a personal assistant to help navigate these complexities throughout your workday helps to create a healthy, productive, energetic work environment.
Zigi’s mission is to protect developers from the things that distract you from your core work, while streamlining your dev processes, handling manual tasks, and helping you to prioritize.

By putting developers first, Zigi helps teams run more smoothly, identifying possible delays, helping to unblock bottlenecks, and enabling easy communication between all team members.
Join your peers
We’re on a mission to reduce the noise and take care of all the frustrating stuff, so you can focus on the thing you love most - coding.  

So join us and be a part of our beta group to help us shape Zigi — a tool for developers, by developers.
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Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!