Developers, say goodbye to

non-coding tasks
non-coding tasks
context switching
cognitive overload
non-coding tasks
context switching
cognitive overload

say goodbye to non-coding tasks

The constant noise around mundane tasks, endless systems and complex processes keeps you from doing the work you love.
Zigi’s here to fix that.
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Imagine a world where you can focus on coding and innovation.
"I can't count how often I've wished for my own personal assistant to help me with my workload - there are always so many invisible tasks that use up time and energy that I could use for coding. "  
Aleksander Kubista,
Android developer, Poland
Meet your new personal assistant.
Zigi eliminates all that wasted time
Automates mundane, non-coding tasks
Closes loose ends in different systems
Manages your workflow
Validates everything
Does it all from Slack
Fully secure and doesn't read or store any code
Zigi's about to transform your workday
Connecting to all your cloud tools like Jira, Git, and your calendar, Zigi quickly learns your personal workflow and helps you navigate your day with minimal distractions.
Reduces the noise so you stay focused
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"Zigi got me really excited since so much of my day is around keeping track of who sent me what, what tasks have been completed and which task needs to be prioritized? Zigi can take a lot of that nuisance and mental stress off my plate"
Heshie Brody,
Senior developer, NYC
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Handles non-coding tasks for you
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"I don't have to rely on memory anymore. Instead of trying to keep everything in my head, Zigi's remembers everything - tasks, systems, prioirities - all I have to do is ask"
Omer Goralnik,
Backend developer, IL
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Supercharges team collaboration
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"As someone who live in command line mode, Zigi's Slack command dramatically increased my productivity - linking Jira tasks with its Github PRs, I'm able to check the important info of my tickets and PRs without leaving Slack.”
Vito Huang,
Full-stack developer, UK
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Here's how Zigi's able to figure out your workday without configuration
Analyzes & cross-references structured and unstructured data
Analyzes & cross-references structured and unstructured data
Zigi is built for optimal privacy and security
Zigi's a simple plug & play solution that adheres to the highest security standards, is fully secure,  doesn’t read or store your code, and only requires user-level permissions, not admin.
Only stores meta and process-related data
Doesn't scan or store your code
Only views the status of your pull request
Only accesses tickets assigned to you
ISO 27001/27017 & GDPR compliant, Soc 2 Type 2 certified
Join our mission to eliminate wasted time & burnout for developers
Join us! Be a part of our beta group and help us shape Zigi — a tool for developers, by developers.
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Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Join us - Be a part of our beta group!
Frequently asked questions
What is Zigi?
Zigi is an AI-powered personal assistant for developers. By managing your dev workflow and handling all your mundane, non-programming tasks across multiple apps directly from Slack, Zigi helps you focus on code creation and innovation.
What tools does Zigi support?
Zigi supports cloud tools like Slack, your calendar, Jira, Github, and Bitbucket. As we grow we will support additional tools.
How does Zigi work?
Zigi connects to all your cloud tools, such as Jira, Github, and your calendar, in order to get a 360° view of your daily workflow.  Zigi then analyzes and cross-references all that data in real-time to automate manual work and keep you fully updated about your tasks and priorities.
Do I need to add information or configure Zigi to match my company's workflow?
No, Zigi doesn’t require any manual effort or configuration. Simply connect Zigi to your cloud tools and let us do the rest.
Does Zigi require admin permissions?
No, Zigi only needs user-level permissions and requires your personal token based on your permission levels.
Does Zigi use or scan my code?
No, Zigi neither accesses nor stores any of your code. Zigi only uses metadata from your cloud tools to manage your workflow and perform manual tasks for you.
Is Zigi free for developers?
Yes. Zigi is completely free for individual developers. In the future we’ll start introducing paid features for power users and teams.
Is Zigi safe and secure?
Yes. Zigi has been built for maximum security and privacy, adhering to the highest security standards in the market. Zigi’s is ISO 27001/27017 & Soc 2 Type 2 certified, and GDPR compliant.
Will Zigi measure my performance?
Zigi is here to help YOU! Zigi does not measure your working hours nor your performance. Zigi analyses & cross-references metadata from your cloud systems to help you manage your workflow (identifying stuck PRs, reminding teammates to review your PRs, etc.), validate your work (identifying PRs that weren’t merged to a specific version) and help you effectively communicate with your colleagues and team leader, for example, alerting you when you are overloaded and enabling you to share that with your manager and communicate your achievements.
How does Zigi help remote teams?
Zigi is the glue for your dev team, accompanying you throughout your day, updating systems, and enabling easy, effective communication.

Zigi supports asynchronous development across different time zones, sending reminders at the right times to different team members. This makes Zigi perfect for remote teams, closing the gaps and issues related to physical distance, time differences, and different work habits.
I am in the Beta, where do I share feedback?
You can share your experience with us directly, write us to; We look forward to hearing your thoughts.